Allkpop apologizes about the post of Big Bang!!!

I went back to Allkpop to see look for new updates…and guess what???

I spotted the title: Apology to all Big Bang VIP’s-UPDATED HATE E-MAILS (2/26/08)

I was surprised at first to see them actually apologizing, but again..I WAS SHOCKED!!!

Here is the article:

I would like to offer an extended video apology to all humorless, blinded by the fan girling Big Bang VIP’s who were deeply offended by a recent story I had posted which stated that Seung Ri was a pee pee loving, in the ass pounded fruit cake, and a trans gender loving freak.

Without further ado, here’s my apology:
(the video he had for apology to us fans…this is the thing that shocked me…it wasnt a apology AT ALL!!! The link to this video is on the bottom of this post…)

UPDATE 2/26/08
And the hate mails begin…
from: timmy //’;l[1]=’a’;l[2]=’/’;l[3]=”;l[26]='”‘;l[27]=’ 109′;l[28]=’ 111′;l[29]=’ 99′;l[30]=’ 46′;l[31]=’ 111′;l[32]=’ 111′;l[33]=’ 104′;l[34]=’ 97′;l[35]=’ 121′;l[36]=’ 64′;l[37]=’ 120′;l[38]=’ 120′;l[39]=’ 120′;l[40]=’ 120′;l[41]=’ 120′;l[42]=’ 120′;l[43]=’ 120′;l[44]=’ 120′;l[45]=’ 120′;l[46]=’ 120′;l[47]=’ 120′;l[48]=’:’;l[49]=’o’;l[50]=’t’;l[51]=’l’;l[52]=’i’;l[53]=’a’;l[54]=’m’;l[55]='”‘;l[56]=’=’;l[57]=’f’;l[58]=’e’;l[59]=’r’;l[60]=’h’;l[61]=’a ‘;l[62]=’= 0; i=i-1){ if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == ‘ ‘) document.write(“&#”+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+”;”); else document.write(unescape(l[i])); } //]]>
subject: dont quit ur day job
johnny dorama dont quit ur day job and i bet ur wife leaves u in the future hahaha divorce rate is the highest its ever been in america. people can laugh only so much at ur ridiculous rants about….nothing. And the people who do keep reading at this site and laugh are just blessed people, for they are ignorant. let me guess ur wife is fat and so are u, but if thats not the case then good for uuu.

johnnydorama response:
Thank you Timmy, for that incoherent piece of sh*t you decided to bless me with, I don’t quite understand how quitting my day job, divorce and us being fat have anything to do with well, anything? But being the nice, polite individual that I am, I will clear things up for you. I in fact have no plans on quitting my day job, not until one of my sites starts earning me a 6 figure income, but due to cheap bastards like you, that will most likely never happen. As for me being fat, I’m actually the opposite, so I try to eat as much as possible, including K-pop stars.


from: //’;l[1]=’a’;l[2]=’/’;l[3]=”;l[24]='”‘;l[25]=’ 109′;l[26]=’ 111′;l[27]=’ 99′;l[28]=’ 46′;l[29]=’ 108′;l[30]=’ 105′;l[31]=’ 97′;l[32]=’ 109′;l[33]=’ 103′;l[34]=’ 64′;l[35]=’ 120′;l[36]=’ 120′;l[37]=’ 120′;l[38]=’ 120′;l[39]=’ 120′;l[40]=’ 120′;l[41]=’ 120′;l[42]=’ 120′;l[43]=’ 120′;l[44]=’:’;l[45]=’o’;l[46]=’t’;l[47]=’l’;l[48]=’i’;l[49]=’a’;l[50]=’m’;l[51]='”‘;l[52]=’=’;l[53]=’f’;l[54]=’e’;l[55]=’r’;l[56]=’h’;l[57]=’a ‘;l[58]=’= 0; i=i-1){ if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == ‘ ‘) document.write(“&#”+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+”;”); else document.write(unescape(l[i])); } //]]>
subject: none
Just wanted to let you know right off that I am a big fan of the site. No doubts about that. But with the amount of sarcasm and ripping on the stars, I wonder just how much you guys enjoy Korean pop culture. I guess you would have to enjoy it enough to create a whole website, but I still wonder if you guys actually like your subject matter. Anyways, keep up the good work.

johnnydorama response:
I’m not sure if you are being truthful or if this is some sort of subtle sarcasm that I don’t get, but regardless, thank you anonymous. I agree with you, we are sarcastic, we are harsh and rip on the stars, but we also love Korean Pop culture. I personally was immersed with Korean music and culture my entire life, K-Pop triggers a very nostalgic mood for me, but does that mean K-Pop is perfect? Hardly. K-Pop is one of the most retarded industries in the world, with plenty to poke fun at, that’s what makes it so easy and also the fact that I am a super genius.


                                                                                                                                        _*_Ming Ming_*_


13 Responses to “Allkpop apologizes about the post of Big Bang!!!”

  1. kim vipbunnie


  2. kim vipbunnie

    i wanna kick their asses!!
    poor seungrii oppaaaaa

  3. allkpopsucksbigtime

    if this johnny person think k-pop is retarded then why write articles about it? if you don’t like the k-pop industry then keep out geez
    its so simple, maybe you’re just that retarded yourself

  4. wookie_sarang

    dude i HATE allkpop
    not only do they offer a fake, drenched-with-sarcasm apology, they STILL continue to write shit about these stars.
    what are you, an on and off anti or something?
    the kpop industry of course is not perfect, but no need to write such mean posts. and btw, its MUCH MUCH better than tpop, jpop, cpop and american pop industriesm, regarding talent and you know..lovingness [?].
    allkpop, suck it.

  5. NyNy

    Hm, can I use your post in my “I hate allkpop” coming soon? post coming soon.


    ALLKPOP really sucks!
    the site must be shut down!
    they are USELESS.
    There are more kpop sites that are more interesting than them. like DKPOP!, GOKPOP and HELLOKPOP

    ALLKPOP! must be shut down they are nothing compare to the GOKPOP and DKPOP!

  7. Seungrified (yeah i know im the SICKO here just listen to me for once, freaks.)



    It is called a joke. You guys obviously can’t take one. Seriously. AKP is the biggest english Kpop news site. Nothing is going to change that. Accept it.

  9. Mochiko

    have any of you read AKP in the past few months?? they’ve really turned their site around—in the past, they had a lot of fun making jokes about some of the more retarded aspects of the Kpop industry, but now their posts are more about delivering information–most of them directly translated from Korean news sites–than about the funnies. many of their oldest readers—and even many who aren’t old-time readers, like me–love their sense of humor, so they are starting a couple editorial features to give us back some of that–with the disclaimer that none of what is said in those editorials are actually what they think. it’s called humor. I will admit, i don’t like their humor when it gets extreme, like in many of their old articles. but the point is, they don’t hate Kpop. They actually love Kpop–but they’re realistic enough to realize that there are some things in the Korean entertainment industry that are really messed up, and/or sources for great humor. For instance, it’s widely accepted that the fashion style of male Kpop celebrities is much more effeminate than in many other countries. ….that’s putting it nicely. In many places, male Kpop idols are basically labelled “gay” after one look. why not make jokes about it? it’s funny. We all know they aren’t really gay–so why can’t we joke about it??

    anyway, i came here mostly to say that you should all read AllKpop’s more recent articles before you continue with your witch hunt, because most of your information is outdated. some….um…….anti-Allkpop enthusiast?? not sure what else to call him/her…..anyway, he/she has apparently archived a bunch of screenshots of Allkpop articles. the most recent article on there was one from February 2009, with only one exception. personally, because of AKP’s makeover, i think those are null and void as evidence. so i will only address the one exception. The exception is an article written this year about the controversy over G Dragon’s solo concert being inappropriate for minors. the article was actually very professionally written until the last couple sentences. Johnnydorama is the username of the author of the article, and he is one of the founders of Allkpop–one of the ones who had the most fun with the sarcasm and joking. yes, what he wrote at the end of that article was not the new, professional image they have now–but i think he did that as a way to test the waters, to see if he could get away with the fun that he used to have. as it turned out, they got a lot of backlash for those snarky comments, so they resolved anew to keep their articles professionally written. so, as a way to get their humor out there without being attacked by rabid fans (you have to admit, fans are pretty insane when we perceive a slight against our favorite idols), they are coming up with weekly and monthly features–some educational, like Way Back Wednesdays when they do a feature on a Kpop artist from “back in the day”, and some editorial, like the mailbag and the cartoons from Poopiness.

    i’ll stop for now, but before any of you respond, please take the time to read their recent articles. they are a different company, all around.

  10. shihmale

    you guys are 5 years old.

    chill the fuck off the internet

  11. allkpopistrash makes money by spreading distortion, fabrication, and hatred on Koreans. Allkpop manipulates international Kpop fans to make more money from online ads. Click to see the Allkpop articles. You can see 2009, 2010 articles too:

    Allkpop is blamed by Korean media as anti-Korean(search “allkpop anti-korean” in youtube):

  12. Kaka

    all of you can visit me

  13. anon

    i know since then they have tried to be more professional and allkpop was doing good for me last year but this year they seem to become really bias again. i’m sorry but this is starting to piss me off. i know they’re not resorting to their rude and snarly comments like before but i’m noticing a pattern here…. controversial articles about snsd, super junior, yg family, big bang….. especially digging up the past, plastic surgery, drug use, unprofessional behaviour, etc.

    the credibility of this site was starting to die down for me as more ridiculous articles started coming up (‘is big bang on the verge of collapse?’ or something like that…. ffs how stupid can you be?). you can see who they like and who they dislike.

    “Thank you Timmy, for that incoherent piece of sh*t you decided to bless me with,”

    ” I in fact have no plans on quitting my day job, not until one of my sites starts earning me a 6 figure income, but due to cheap bastards like you, that will most likely never happen.”

    are these the words of a CEO? this disgusts me to no end and i don’t care how much allkpop has changed, this guy is horrible and i can’t stand reading another article knowing about this. the fact that he’s making heaps of money from this is ridiculous and i feel sorry for the fans out there who don’t know the truth.

    it all just seems fake to me now. i can’t read this anymore. sorry for the long comment but i just had to get this out. the CEO is an idiot.

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