Allkpop jokes about Big Bang being Perverts!!!

About 1 or 2 days ago…I visited Allkpop and there was this NEW post there about Big Bang…

The title of the post was called: Big Bang members are perverts

I was shocked after finsihing reading the article that they would joke about Big Bang!!! If you didn’t have a chance to read it on Allkpop here is the post:


Popular boy band Big Bang is under an extreme amount of scrutiny due to sick personal fetishes and extra-circular activities off stage.

Photo’s of Big Bang member Seung Ri attending a trans gender strip show at a wine bar owned and operated by G-Dragon’s supposed girlfriend, have been popping up all over the internet.

Fans have stated that they do not want to get involved so deeply with Big Bang’s personal life, however at this point it is very difficult to not be disappointed with their behavior. In addition, although it isn’t fair to judge Big Bang from a few photo’s, they wish that when the truth does turn up, that the members do not disappoint them.

I always knew there was something wrong with this group of perverts and finally things are falling into place. Going to a strip show or club, fine, that’s normal manly behavior, but going to a trans gender strip show? That’s a little sick for my tastes, but as their name suggests, I’m sure Seung Ri likes to Big Bang the he-she’s.

What do you think of the article??? Cuz I thought it was just plain mean!!!

                                                                                                                                                 _*_Ming Ming_*_


7 Responses to “Allkpop jokes about Big Bang being Perverts!!!”

  1. PikaPika

    oh gosh…such a lame article!!

    it just shown how much they envy about BB being to “in the spotlight!!”..
    get a life please..
    thankss ming for the article!!

  2. Ming Ming

    You welcome PikaPika!
    Pika why werent you online for a LOOONNNGGGG time???
    I like mailed you new updates too..
    and you never answered…

  3. kimvipbunnie

    where were you pika” unnie? ^^
    are you still sick!????
    anyways, please get better soon!^^
    oh! and ming! thanks for the article!!
    waa! i wanna smack their asses fr throwing such a bad joke!
    but, whatever!
    seungrii’s still looking damn good! hahaaa

  4. 7samira7

    i’m just so mad. why are they attacking and scrutinizing our boys all the time. big bang have endured so much criticism, and now that they’ve shot to stardom, SURPASSING MANY WONDERFUL ARTIST, the fans of those artist are getting jealous and thus resorting to downgrade big bang’s integrity. THATS JUST NOT ON. i am fond of the news allkpop provides us with, but why must they always have somesort of negatice outlook on big bang. iITS FREKAING IMBECILIC. i think it needs to stop. its petty beyond belief…and well to be honest, just PLAIN PATHETIC. !!!

  5. luver.girl

    ahaha, dont worry…
    you can’t take allkpop words seriously
    they’re like that to all the artists ^^

    so as long as we believe in bb, then it’s fine ❤

  6. haha...

    bb is gay.

  7. Ghee'nuine VIP

    The articel is bull shit ,
    LOL !!

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