Posted On March 3, 2008

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okay seungriii lovers!

and VIPs!

this is a major condition of another jhonny dhorama’s or whatever his/her/??’s f’in name is insults.

all k-pop, what a friggin horrible admin you have!

Big Bang Seung Ri loves TVXQ Xiah Junsu

johnnydorama in Rumors on Mar 02, 2008 – 12:31 AM

Big Bang Seung Ri and TVXQ Xiah Junsu

When Seung Ri of Big Bang was spotted at a trans gender strip show, I knew something was off. In a recent interview however, Seung Ri provided even more evidence, which put him one step closer to coming out of the closet.

Seung Ri’s road to homosexuality:

  • Seung Ri visits a trans gender bar, searches his soul and discovers himself
  • Seung Ri states that he loves TVXQ, especially Xiah Junsu
  • Seung Ri states that he admires Junsu and hopes to be able to share a meal with him.
  • Seung Ri states that he is a member of Junsu’s fan club.
  • Seung Ri states that he purchased the TVXQ CD – he feels very touched when he listens to it.
  • Xiah Junsu states that he met Big Bang, Seung Ri was over joyed, wouldn’t let go of Junsu’s hand and said that he “really admires him.”

It’s understandable for Seung Ri to admire TVXQ and Junsu, TVXQ is talented, unlike him and his Big Bang groupies. But Seung Ri’s gestures are definitely crossing the line. It’s only a matter of time until shy little Seung Ri comes out of the closet and sends thousands of fan girls home, in tears.

On the straighter side, Junsu stated that he likes Big Bang’s song Lies, and was impressed that G-Dragon had composed it himself. Unfortunately, Junsu was mis-informed, as G-Dragon is a plagiarizer.

my comment::

duh! if you think GD is a plagiarizer, you’re totally WRONG!!

he is super duper creative and so are the other BIGBANG!

and this jhonny shit ass keeps saying talking, posting, and insulting BIGBANG especially our cute magnae, seungrii.

two assumptions::

1.He is super jealous of BigBang and the only way he could pour his feelings is with doing the meaningless things he keeps doing.

2.He is GAY. and he loves Seungrii. and the way he shows it is to do those things. Looking for attention. Poor guy.

but being gay isn’t wrong either, in fact i like ‘yaoi’. so whatever, but if this jhonny dhorama is gay, please don’t choose Seungrii he’s to wonderful for ‘you’, jhonn-ass to handle.



hello kimvipbunnie!!!

i was thinking that maybe we should just move on and forget about allkpop…pretend we never heard of a site call allkpop…cuz really if we keep talking about them then…our site will be all about allkpop hate on Big Bang…so let’s just move on and go back to regular Big Bang news updates…

                                                                                         _*_Ming Ming_*_


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